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Update Date: 12/27/2012

ManfacturerTool NumberAnother # on tool or application Comments
Facom Tools$20.00T263FRE27902 
Facom ToolsT159MOT 11
Facom ToolsMOT 789SP 1609
Facom ToolsMOT789SP 1610
Facom ToolsMOT998SP 1546
Facom ToolsT284TAV 235 01
Facom ToolsROU541SP 1924
Facom ToolsT134BVI 47
Facom ToolsT174EMB348Barrel Only
Facom ToolsMOT1010
Facom ToolsT148TAV 236
Facom ToolsT53 2BVI 371
Facom ToolsT 53 2
Facom ToolsT 118BVI 41
Facom ToolsT 172AROU 370  02
Facom ToolsTAV 1050SP 2345
Wilmonda ToolsMOT251RCC
Wilmonda ToolsROU770RYU
Wilmonda ToolsMOT 25.01
Wilmonda ToolsROU4.09.01-812RBE
Wilmonda ToolsBVI 465RKC
Wilmonda ToolsTAV 476RBR
Wilmonda ToolsMOT 500-02RHJ Worn
Wilmonda ToolsMOT 500-02RHJ Worn
Wilmonda ToolsMOT 259RJU
Wilmonda ToolsSUS 594 02RRT
Wilmonda ToolsROU 737  01RYD
Wilmonda ToolsFMB 319RPN
Wilmonda ToolsMOT 252RCH
MillerMOT 11726422
GAMA3457Extended Socket very similar to A-50172/1
KUKKO21/6Bearing Puller 37-46mm
KUKKO21/7Bearing Puller 46-56mm
ZelendaUS 4481
Matra  VW3047A
ACOMD69    ROU604
Wright ToolsFP-40-7
Tools with No Manufacturer name
MOT 588.99
MOT 993
MOT 976
MOT 965.99
MOT 994
TAR 960
BVI 961
BVI 953SP 1814
DIR 21 01
MOT 854SP 1921
MOT 989SP 1539
MOT 1040.95
MOT 988.01SP 1538
MOT 1000
US 4498-1
US 219 A Z
DIR 1067
BVI 959SP 1816
MOT 1040.96
A 37 26
VW 541/1
VW 541/2
VW 541/3
BVI 961
BVI 239-02
US 434
US 5001Z
BVI 955SP 1815
MOT 658
BVI 945
EMB 786
Saab32005019 WRENCH CP-CAM SP

 Puller, Imput/Reverse Shaft - C99 / C900

Saab     $45.958996894Torque Angle Bit
Toyota09742-14010Vintage Toyota Strut Tool