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Another Work in Progress....... These are tool kits that were sold to dealers in containers. The webpage titled "Kent Moore Tools Available" will also contain these tool numbers but it will state "Kit Only or Set Only" This will give a list of the tools in that set. All sets listed are available for sale, but may be missing tools.

If using a mobile device (android or iPhone) to purchase, please inform me so I list it on a friendly site!

Please use the "Contact Us" button and I will send pictures of the Kit/Set. This is not a complete list, as was stated earlier, another work in progress.

Please Note: If a dealer was sent a tool prior to the set release, It was not included in the set/kit due to the dealer already having the tool. Tool kits can also be missing tools due to the "Got Legs Syndrome" where it walked out the door in a techs toolbox!


 Kit / Set  Name
Tool Number Price 

A/C Retrofit Service Tool KitNewJ-39500-275 $     59.95
Tools in KitJ-38702, J-25498-A, J-34611-A, J-41265, J-41256, J-39037, J-41266 & J-41267

Comments: Tools needed to convert R12 to R134a

GEO Storm A/C Compressor ToolsNewJ-38876 ASK 
Tools in KitJ-38874-1,-2 , J-38424, J-38873-1,-2

Comments: May also fit Isuzu Impulse

GEN III V8 Base Engine Service Tool KitNewJ-43145$ 1400.00 
Tools in Kit J-41665, J-41478, J-41476, J-41816, J-42907, J-41816-2,  J-41479, J-42386-A, J-42078, J-41556, J-41558, J-41480,   J-41480-Bolts, J-41818


GEN III V8 Base Engine Service Tool KitUsedJ-43145$ 1000.00
Tools in Kit J-41665, J-41478, J-41476,  J-42907, J-41816-2,  J-41479, J-42078,  J-41556,  J-41558, J-41480,   J-41480-Bolts, J-41818

Comments: includes 3 jaw puller. Missing J-8520-10

6.6L (Duramax) Diesel Engine Tool KitUsedJ-44648$   800.00
Tools in KitJ-46594, J-44645, J-44642, J-44644, J-44646, J-44640, J-35580

Comments:Missing top tray in Kit,  J-44643 &  J-44641-2

J-46594 (Improved version of J-44639) added to provide Injector remover

6.6L (Duramax) Diesel Engine Tool KitN+UJ-44648$    925.00
Tools in KitJ-46594, J-44645, J-44642, J-44644, J-44646, J-44640, J-35580, J-44643, J-44639

Tracker Service Tool KitN+UNo #$    165.00
Tools in Kit

J-21777-89, J-24086-93, J-25273, J-35871,   J-37746,  J-37747,   J-37748,  J-37749,  J-37750,   J-37751,  J-37752,  J-37753,          J-37754,  J-37755,   J-37756,  J-37757,  J-37759,  J-37760,          J-37761,   J-37764,  J-37767,  J-37769,  J-37770,  J-37771,         J-37772,  J-37777, J-37780, J-37781, J-37774, J-37281, J-37763

11.5" Ring Gear Axle Service Tool KitUnusedNo #$    300.00
Tools in Kit

J-44417,   J-44419, J-24426, J-24427, J-24429 

J-44414, J-44420, J-44412,  J-44416-1, J-44412-2, J44412-3

LT1 Engine Service ToolsUsedNo #$    125.00
Tools in Kit J-39090, J-39088, J-39243, J-39092, J-39089, J-39087

Vibe Storage Case ( Toyota Matrix )NewJ-46010 ASK 
Tools in Kit J-42176, J-42176-10, J-46009, J-45341, J-46002, J-46004, J-43184, J-46001,  J-45785-1, J-45785-2, J-46007, J-46003

Colorado / Canyon Drivetrain On-Vehicle ToolsNewDT-45939 ASK 
Tools in KitJ-45867, J-45868, J-37212, J-45934, J-45866, J-35582

Colorado / Canyon Drivetrain Unit Repair ToolsNewNo # ASK 
Tools in KitJ-45936, J-46199, J-45937, J-45869-1, J-45869-1, J-45933

Quad 4 DOHC Engine Tool SetNewNo #$    250.00
Tools in KitJ-5892-B, J-36005, J-36007, J-36008, J-36009,  J-36010, J-36011, J-36012, J-36013, J-36014, J-36015, J-36017, J-36588, J-36589, J-36998,

Quad 4 DOHC Engine Tool SetUsedNo #$    150.00
Tools in KitJ-36005, J-36007, J-36008, J-36009, J-36010, J-36011, J-36012, J-36013,  J-36014, J-36015, J-36017, J-36588, J-36589 J-36998 

NVG 4500 Transmission Repair KitNewJ-36143$    225.00
Tools in Kit  J-22828, J-38807, J-38856, J-22834-2, J-38805, J-38801, J-39314

8.1L Engine ToolsNewJ-44900Sold Out 
Tools in KitJ-42851, J-42847, J-43105, J-42849, J-43320, J-42845, J-42846, J-23444-A

Getrag F23 Trans Tool KitNewJ-44470 ASK 
Tools in KitJ-44385,  J-44382,  J-44383,  J-44389,  J-44387,  J-44386,  J-44380,  J-44376, J-44381, J-44378, J-44384, J-44377, J-44379

Comments:2000 and newer J + N cars (Cavalier, Sunfire, Cobalt, Grand Am, Alero )

Getrag F23 Trans Tool KitUsedJ-44470 ASK 
Tools in KitJ-44385,  J-44382,  J-44383,  J-44389,  J-44387,  J-44386,  J-44380,  J-44376, J-44381, J-44378, J-44384, 


Line Engine Service Tool KitUsedJ-44229 ASK 
Tools in KitJ-44228, J-44218, J-44222, J-44226, J-44221, J-44219, J-44220, J-44224, J-44227

High Feature Engine Tool KitNewEN-46124 $600.00 
Tools in KitEN-46101, EN-46109, EN-46117, EN-46120, EN-46121, J-43276, EN-46122, EN-46119, EN-46112, EN-46108, EN-46116, EN-46106, EN-46103, J-29184, EN-46103, EN-46111, EN-46104, EN-46110, EN-46105, EN-46114

Dana 60 - 60HD / 70 - 70HD Kit
J-45713 ASK 
Tools in KitJ-45711, J-45706, J-45703, J-45705, J-45900, J-45177, J-45704, J-42176, J-45710

Dana Axle Shim Selector
J-45962 ASK 
Tools in Kit

4T80E Transaxle Tool Set
No #$   550.00
Tools in KitJ-21867-93, J-34741-1A, j-39051-1, J-39051-2, J-39053-1 J-39053-2, J-39053-3, J-39054, J-39055, J-39056, J-39061, J-39062, J-39064-1, J-39064-2, J-39064-3, J-39068, J-39630,J-39648, J-39686, J-39694-1, J-39694-2, J-39694-3, J-39694-4, J-28467-34, J-21430-2
 4T40E Transaxle Tool SetN+UNo #$   500.00
Tools in Kit

J-41236, J-41234, J-41235, J-41097, J-41233, J-41231, J-41101, J-41103,

J-41102, J-41127, J-41232, J-41239, J-41228

Borg Warner T56 Manual Trans tool  New *J-39445$   150.00
Tools in KitJ-39440, J-39443, J-41099, J-39789, J-39594, J-39371, J-39433, J-39546

4L80E Transmission Tool SetUsedNo #Out of Stock,
Tools in KitJ-38737, J-38868, J-38358-A, J-38882, J-38732-1, J-38869, J-21362,  J-38694,  J-38693,  J-38736, J-38735, J-38739,   J-37789,  J-38733,  J-38731,  J-38695,  J-38734,    J-38729

Corvette Getrag Axle Tool KitN+UJ-44616 $   450.00
Tools in Kit

J-42172, J-42170, J-36797, J-42155, J-42164, J-42194, J-42159, 

  J-42166, J-42162, J-42157, J-29369-2 (USED)

HM 282 5 Speed Manual Transaxle SetNewJ-36844$    250.00
Tools in SetJ-35824, J-36027, J-36029, J-36030, J-36034, J-36038, J-36039,   J-36184, J-35185, J-36189, J-35822, J-35823, J-36032, J-36033,   J-36037, J-36190

LT5 ZR1 Corvette Engine Tool KitN+USold Out
Tools in SetJ-37303, J-37305, J-37306, J-37309, J-37310, J-37312, J-37325, J-37326, J-37328, J-37330, J-38098, J-38099, J-38124, J-38132, J-38135, J-38211, J-38463, J-39494, J-39598, J-41008                   Some tools used once, many new!                                              Also included are the J-37307 Engine Lift Brackets

3.4L DOHC (Duel Overhead Cam Eng) Service ToolsUsedNo #$    225.00
Tools in SetJ-38612, J-38613, J-37096, J-38611, J-38614, J-38688, J-38619, J-38616, J-38833 Diagnostic Plate, J-33875 (Extra Tool Not in Kit)                      Missing: J-38786, J-38756, J-38606 

3.4L DOHC (Duel Overhead Cam Eng) Service ToolsNewNo #$    325.00
Tools in SetJ-38612, J-38613, J-37096, J-38611, J-38614, J-38688, J-38619, J-38616, J-38756, J38786 J-38606   Missing:J-38833 Diagnostic Plate,

Corvette Pinion Setting Gauge  Dana 36 & 44NewJ-35506     400.00
Tools in SetJ-35506-1,  2 of J-35506-2 (2 required),  J-35506-3, J-35506-4,   J-34175-2, J-34175-4, Also included are 3 tools with storage spaces but were not included in dealership shipment:   J-21777-43 and   2 of J-23597-8  (2 required)

THM 350 Transmission Bushing SetN+UJ-23062-01 ASK 
Tools in Set J-23062-2 ,  J-23062-5 ,  J-23062-8 ,  J-23062-10,    J-23062-14,  J-23062-15  J-23062-16,  J-9534-01,  J-21465-15,  J-21465-17   Missing: J-23062-6 ,  

GM - Styer Transfer Case Tools

Tools in SetJ-36797, J-44380, J-44737, J-44752, J-44753, J-44754, J-44809, J-44907, J-44908, J-44915NewNo #$    400.00

HM-290 Manual Transmission Tool Set

Tools in SetJ-36502-1 (Used), J-36502-2A, J-36503,       J-36504, J-36506, J-36507,J-36509,J-36510, J-36511,J-36516,J-36800, J-36190, J-36799  J-36824 (pair), J-36798, J-36515-12N+UJ-36826ASK

Catera / CTS / Opel Axle Kit

Tools in SetJ-25863-A, J-34826, J-45005, J-45012, J-45017,             J-45019UsedJ-45508$    325.00

X2T Magna Transfer Case Tool Set

Tools in Set DT-48021 ,  DT-48022 ,  DT-48209 ,  DT-48210 ,  DT- 48211,  DT-48212 ,  DT-48213,  DT-48215NewDT-48218$    400.00

Allison Trans Service ToolsUsedJ-44924 ASK 
Tools in SetJ-43772, J-43909, J-43911, J-44835, J-44257

Port Fuel Injection Diagnostic KitN+UJ-34730-E ASK 
Tools in SetJ-34730-1, J-39021-22, J-39021-60, J-39021-70, J-39021-210,     J-39021-220

A/C Suction Screen Service Kit NewJ-44551-A ASK 

5LM60 Update KitNewNo Number $     75.00
Tools in SetJ-36515-15, J-36515-16, J-35280, J-38961, J-38884

4.0L Engine Overhaul Kit (4.6 Northstar Cadillac)NewJ-41619$    350.00
Tools in SetJ-39946, J-38637, J-38817, J-38819, J-38820, J-38821, J-38822, J-38824, J-39313

Thread Repair Kit L61 Engine
J-42385-850 ASK 

Thread Repair Kit In-Line 6,5,4 CYL Atlas Engine
J-42385-400 ASK 

Thread Repair Kit 3.5L (LX5)
J-42385-650 ASK 

High Feature Thread Repair Kit
J-42385-700 ASK 

Borg Warner 4473 Transfer Case ToolsU/NJ-45852 ASK 
Tools in SetJ-45848, J-43484 (used), J-45756, J-45382, J-45849

Missing: J-44540, J-36373, J-45358, J-26941, J-36825-A

Corvette Automatic Overdrive Tool KitNewJ-34752 $ 350.00 
Tools in SetJ-34523, J-34621, J-34742, J-34529, J-34681, J-34673, J-34671   



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