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Kent Moore is renumbering the tools which were produced before J-46XXX!

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Updated 3/21/2015


Tool #NotesDescription NO Price, ASK!  Penybont Tools Site Purchase 



J-43650Balance Shaft Remover & Inst ASK 
J-43650-1Part of:Balance Shaft Remover & Inst ASK 
J-43650-2Part of:Balance Shaft Remover & Inst ASK 
J-43650-3Part of:Balance Shaft Remover & Inst ASK 
J-43651Water Pump HolderNew $  59.95
J-43651Water Pump HolderUsed $  49.95
J-43653Flywheel Holder ASK
J-43654Piston Clip Installer $110.00
J-43655Camshaft Sprocket Holding ToolUsed $125.00
J-43655Camshaft Sprocket Holding ToolNew ASK 
J-43690Nut+Bolt PKG ASK 
J-43690  KitRod Bearing Checking Tool ASK 
J-43690-101Part of:Rod Bearing Checking Tool ASK 
J-43690-103Part of:Rod Bearing Checking Tool ASK 
J-43690-104Part of:Rod Bearing Checking Tool ASK 
J-43690-105Part of:Rod Bearing Checking Tool ASK 
J-43690-106Part of:Rod Bearing Checking Tool ASK 
J-43694-1 ASK 
J-43708Internal Mode Switch AlignerNew $114.95
J-43708Internal Mode Switch AlignerUsed $  84.95
J-43764Converter End Play FixtureNew ASK 
J-43770Main Lube Converter Relief SP ASK 
J-43772Allison Service ToolsOIL Pump Seal Installer Set Only 
J-43773Valve Body Spring Compressor ASK 
J-43782Output Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-43799Breakout Box Adapter with overlay ASK 
J-43822Shock Support Tool $  29.95
J-43828Ball Joint Seperator $  79.95
J-43842Valve Guide Installer ASK 
J-43845-1Proportioning Valve Pressure Gauge Adapter ASK 
J-43846AIR Pressure RegulatorNew $  49.95
J-43846AIR Pressure RegulatorUsed $  36.99
J-43847Pinion Setting Adapter ASK 
J-43885Caliper Piston Seal Installer $  23.75
J-43909Allison Service ToolsSelector Shaft Seal Installer Set Only 
J-43910Output Shaft Bearing Puller LegsNew $  177.95
J-43911Allison Service ToolsSelector Shaft Seal Remover ASK 
J-43953Piston Ring CompressorNew $   49.95
J-43963Off-Car Valve Spring Compressor $   29.95
J-43965Thread Repair Extension Kit used $ 129.95
J-43965Thread Repair Extension Kit New $ 179.95
J-43965-4Thread Repair Extensionused $   24.95
J-43965-5Thread Repair Extensionused $   24.95
J-43965-8Thread Repair Extensionused $   24.95
J-44015Steering Linkage InstallerNew $   27.95
J-44089Master Cylinder Bleeder AdapterNew $   24.95
J-44152Jumper Harness (20 pins) $ 100.00
J-44203Compression Gauge Adapter $   59.95
J-44211On-Car Valve Spring CompressorNew $ 125.00
J-44211On-Car Valve Spring CompressorUsed $   99.95
J-44212Camshaft Holding Tool -PairUsed $   49.95
J-44212Camshaft Holding Tool -PairNew $   69.95
J-44213Sprocket Holding ToolNew $   54.95
J-44214Flywheel Holding Tool ASK 
J-44215Rear Main Seal Installer ASK 
J-44217Timing Chain Retension Tool ASK 
J-44217-45Chain Retention Tool ASK 
J-44218Front Crankshaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-44218Line Engine ServiceFront Crankshaft Seal InstallerUsed Set Only 
J-44218Line Engine ServiceFront Crankshaft Seal InstallerNew Set Only 
J-44219Line Engine ServiceCover Alignment PinsUsed Set Only 
J-44219Line Engine ServiceCover Alignment PinsNew Set Only 
J-44219-1Cover Alignment PinsNew ASK 
J-44220Line Engine ServiceEngine Lift BracketUsed Set Only 
J-44220Line Engine ServiceEngine Lift BracketNew Set Only 
J-44220Engine Lift BracketNew $   29.95
J-44220Engine Lift BracketUsed $   19.95
J-44220-AEngine Lift BracketNew $   29.95
J-44220-UPDEngine Lift Bracket Update ASK 
J-44221Line Engine ServiceCamshaft Holding ToolUsed Set Only 
J-44221Line Engine ServiceCamshaft Holding ToolNew Set Only 
J-44222Line Engine ServiceCamshaft Sprocket Holding ToolUsed Set Only 
J-44222Line Engine ServiceCamshaft Sprocket Holding ToolNew Set Only 
J-44222Camshaft Sprocket Holding ToolUsed $   98.95
J-44224Line Engine ServicePilot Bearing Remover & InstallerUsed Set Only 
J-44224Line Engine ServicePilot Bearing Remover & InstallerNew Set Only 
J-44226Line Engine ServiceCrankshaft Balancer RemoverUsed Set Only 
J-44226Line Engine ServiceCrankshaft Balancer RemoverNew Set Only 
J-44226Crankshaft Balancer RemoverNew $ 204.95
J-44227Line Engine ServiceRear Seal Installer Set Only 
J-44227Line Engine ServiceRear Seal Installer Set Only 
J-44228Line Engine ServiceOn-Car Valve Spring CompressorUsed Set Only 
J-44228Line Engine ServiceOn-Car Valve Spring CompressorNew Set Only 
J-44228-1Valve Spring Compressor Adapter ASK 
J-44228-3Valve Spring Compressor Adapter ASK 
J-44229In line 6 cyl (Atlas) Engine Tool kit ASK 
J-44235-1 ASK 
J-44246Solenoid Testing KitUsed $199.95
J-44257Allison Service ToolsWiring Harness Connector Remover Set Only 
J-44284-2Part of:Fuel Tank Siphoning Hose ASK 
J-44295Shimming Surface Tool (incl. J-44295-4)Used $ 239.95
J-44295Shimming Surface Tool New $ 239.95
J-44295-4Shimming Surface Tool New $   59.95
J-44339Reverse Synchronizer Installer ASK 
J-44340Bearing Installer ASK 
J-44363Sunroof Alignment Pin $     9.99
J-44363Sunroof Alignment PinNew $   14.95
J-44370-3 ASK 
J-44375Assembly Pallet F-23 Manual Transmission ASK 
J-44376Bearing Pusher / Puller ASK 
J-44376Getrag F23 KitBearing Pusher / Puller Kit Only 
J-44376-1Bearing Pusher / Puller ASK 
J-44377Input Shaft Anit-rotational Tool ASK 
J-44378Press Adapter ASK 
J-44378Getrag F23 KitPress Adapter Kit Only 
J-44379Differential Bearing Puller Plate ASK 
J-44380Styer Xfer Case KitDifferential Bearing Race Puller Kit Only 
J-44380Getrag F23 KitDifferential Bearing Race Puller Kit Only 
J-44381Shifter Bearing Remover ASK 
J-44381Getrag F23 KitShifter Bearing Remover Kit Only 
J-44382Countershaft Bearing Puller ASK 
J-44382Getrag F23 KitCountershaft Bearing Puller Kit Only 
J-44383Getrag F23 KitCountershaft Bearing Installer Kit Only 
J-44383Countershaft Bearing Installer ASK 
J-44384Shift Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-44384Getrag F23 KitShift Shaft Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-44385Bearing Race and Seal Installer ASK 
J-44385Bearing Race and Seal Installer ASK 
J-44385Getrag F23 KitBearing Race and Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-44386Input Output Bearing Installer $   35.95
J-44386Getrag F23 KitInput Output Bearing Installer Kit Only 
J-44387Output Brg. Sleeve Installer & Pin ASK 
J-44387Getrag F23 KitOutput Brg. Sleeve Installer & Pin Kit Only 
J-44387-1Part of:Output Brg. Sleeve Installer & Pin ASK 
J-44388Final Drive End Checking Fixture ASK 
J-44389Countershaft Bearing Installer ASK 
J-44389Getrag F23 KitCountershaft Bearing Installer Kit Only 
J-44394Axle Seal Protector (sold by Pair)New $   25.95
J-44395Transmission Holding Fixture ASK 
J-44402Fuel Tank Sending Unit WrenchUsed $   75.95
J-4441211.5" Tool kitPinion Bearing Installer Kit Only 
J-44412Pinion Bearing InstallerNew $   89.95
J-4441411.5" Tool kitPinion Oil Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-4441611.5" Tool kitPinion Setting Tool Kit Only 
J-44416Pinion Setting ToolNew $ 159.95
J-4441711.5" Tool kitRear Pinion Bearing Installer Kit Only 
J-44417Rear Pinion Bearing InstallerNew $   65.95
J-4441911.5" Tool kitHub Bearing Installer Kit Only 
J-4442011.5" Tool kitDifferential Bearing Installer Kit Only 
J-44427Spanner Wrench ASK 
J-44465Trans Holding Fixture AdapterUsed $   27.95
J-44465Trans Holding Fixture AdapterNew $   39.95
J-44466Fuel Injector Test KitNew ASK 
J-44466-13Fuel Line Shutoff Adapters ASK 
J-44467Output Shaft Puller ASK 
J-44470F23 manual Trans Tool kit ASK 
J-44472End Play CheckerUsed $   99.95
J-44472End Play CheckerNew $ 129.95
J-44485Brake Booster Rod Adjuster ASK 
J-44525C1 Backing Plate Selector ToolNew $ 274.95
J-44530C3 & C4 Piston Spring Compressor $   85.95
J-44538TORX 30 Plus Socket $   16.95
J-44539Transaxle Test Harness ASK 
J-44540Bearing / Tone Ring Installer ASK 
J-44540-2Bearing / Tone Ring Installer ASK 
J-44551A/C Suction Screen Installer Kit ASK 
J-44571Reverse Input Clutch Seal Protector ASK 
J-44586P/S Seal Remover / InstallerUsed $   89.95 
J-44586P/S Seal Remover / InstallerNew ASK 
J-44587Mainshaft Holding ToolNew $   45.95
J-44602Injector Test Adapter ASK 
J-44603Injector Test Lamp $   15.95
J-44616Getrag Corvette Axle Service Kit $  500.00 
J-44626O2 Socket  22 mm ASK 
J-44636Ft.Output Shaft Protector/Installer $   49.95
J-44636-2Inside of Seal Installer Protector ASK 
J-44638Fuel Pressure Gauge $ 150.00
J-44639Duramax KitInjector Remover Kit Only 
J-44640Duramax KitValve Stem Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-44641Duramax KitRear Crankshaft Seal Remover Kit Only 
J-44642Duramax KitRear Crankshaft Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-44643Duramax KitFlywheel Holding Tool Kit Only 
J-44644Duramax KitFt. Crankshaft Seal Remover Kit Only 
J-44645Duramax KitFt. Crankshaft Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-44646Duramax KitValve Spring Compressor -On Car Kit Only 
J-44648Duramax 6.6L Tool kit - Go to page marked Kits/Sets ASK 
J-44663Ball Joint Remover ASK 
J-44664Crowsfoot Wrench 33mm ASK 
J-44665Used ASK 
J-44665Tie Rod Removal Set/Kit ASK 
J-44685Rear Axle Seal and Bearing Remover ASK 
J-44714Bearing Remover & Installer $   19.95
J-44714-1Two FingerBearing Remover $   19.95
J-44714-1BMulti FingerBearing Remover $   19.95
J-44714-2Bearing Installer Assembly ASK 
J-44714-3Bearing Installer Assembly ASK 
J-44721-20P/S Pressure Tester Adapters ASK 
J-44723Allison Transmission Adapter PlateNew $ 250.00
J-44731Input Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-44732Output Shaft Seal Installer $   34.95
J-44735Input Shaft Front Bearing Installation Tool ASK 
J-44747Clutch Alignment Arbor $   27.95
J-44748Universal Seal RemoverNew $   48.95
J-44752Bearing Race / Seal Installer ASK 
J-44752Styer Xfer Case KitBearing Race / Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-44753Styer Xfer Case KitIntermediate Shaft Brg. Seal Install Kit Only 
J-44754Styer Xfer Case KitDifferential Bearing Remover (pair) Kit Only 
J-44755Assembly Holding Fixture, PTU (Power Transfer Unit) $ 100.00
J-44757Transfer Case Shim Selector $ 250.00
J-447625L40e OnCar ToolsBearing Installer Set Only 
J-447655L40e OnCar ToolsSeal Installer Set Only 
J-44765Seal Installer ASK 
J-44766torque converter Seal  Installer ASK 
J-447665L40e OnCar ToolsTorque Converter Seal Installer Set Only 
J-447675L40e OnCar Toolsmanual Shift Shaft Seal Installer Set Only 
J-44767manual Shift Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-44809Styer Xfer Case KitRDM Output Shaft Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-44809RDM Output Shaft Seal Installer $  39.95 
J-44811Accessory Belt Tensioner UnloaderNew $  49.95
J-44827Trans Cooler Quick Connect $  29.95
J-44835Allison Trans ToolsTrans Oil Cooler Flush Adptrs (2) Set Only 
J-44847 ASK 
J-44851Pinion Seal Installer ASK 
J-44852Front Clutch Pack Seal Installer ASK 
J-44853Rear Clutch Pack Seal Installer ASK 
J-44866Support Bushing Remover & Installer ASK 
J-44866-ASupport Bushing Remover & Installer $ 169.95
J-44866-1Support Bushing Remover & Installer ASK 
J-44866-2Bushing Installer Receiver ASK 
J-44866-2ABushing Installer Receiver ASK 
J-44870Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Installer ASK 
J-44871Hub Seal Installer ASK 
J-44871Hub Seal Installer ASK 
J-44872Pinion Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-44873-2Pinion Flange Holder /Remover Bolts ASK 
J-44875Right Bearing Race Installer ASK 
J-44882Pinion Remover ASK 
J-44887OIL Filter Cap Removal ToolNew $  32.95
J-44887OIL Filter Cap Removal Tool $  29.95
J-44894-ABrake Pressure Bleeder Adapter ASK 
J-449008.1L Eng Set8.1L Engine Tool Set $ 400.00
J-44907Styer Xfer Case KitPinion Shaft Inner Brg. Installer Kit Only 
J-44908Styer Xfer Case KitPinion Bearing Race Installer Kit Only 
J-44915Styer Xfer Case KitRear Differential Pinion Seal Inst Kit Only 
J-44915Rear Differential Pinion Seal Inst ASK 
J-44924Allison Trans ToolsAllison Trans Service Tool Kit $ 200.00
J-45000Seal Remover $   19.95
J-45004Fuel Siphon HoseNew $   59.95
J-45004-1Fuel Siphon Hose ASK 
J-45005Pinion Seal Installer ASK 
J-45005Catera Axle KitPinion Seal InstallerUsed In Kit 
J-45007Bushing Remover & InstallerNew $ 129.95
J-45012Pinion Flange Holder $   31.95
J-45012Catera Axle KitPinion Flange HolderUsed In Kit 
J-45017Outer Shaft Seal Installer $   59.95
J-45017Catera Axle KitOuter Shaft Seal InstallerUsed In Kit 
J-45019Flange RemoverUsed $   64.95
J-45019Flange RemoverNew $   79.95
J-45019Catera Axle KitFlange RemoverUsed In Kit 
J-45025Belt Tensioner Wrench ASK 
J-45027Tensioner Tool $   69.95
J-45027-1Tensioner Tool ASK 
J-45050Stud Remover Sleeve AdapterNew $     9.95
J-45056Trans Oil Pressure Gauge Adapter $   10.95
J-45057Engine Support Adapter $   70.95
J-45087Bearing Installer ASK 
J-45094Bearing Race Remover ASK 
J-45096-23Trans flo Adapter ASK 
J-45096-24 ASK 
J-45096-30Cooler Line Flush Adapters ASK 
J-45096-50Trans Cooler Flush AdapterNew $  49.95
J-45096-51Trans Cooler Flush AdapterNew ASK 
J-45101-100Conical Brake Rotor Runout WashersUsed $  47.95
J-45101-100Conical Brake Rotor Runout WashersNew $  65.95
J-45103Axle Shaft Remover Adapters $  31.95
J-45103-1Axle Shaft Remover Adapters ASK 
J-45104Axle Remover AdapterNew $  15.95
J-45105Ball Joint ReplacerNew $174.95
J-45105-1Ball Joint Replacer ASK 
J-45105-2Ball Joint Replacer ASK 
J-45108Plate, Gauge $  45.95
J-45117Ball Joint Installation Spacer ASK 
J-45124Puller BridgeNew $ 133.95
J-45124-1part of:Puller Bridge ASK 
J-45124-9Legs, Puller BridgeNew $   55.95
J-45127Center Support Remover ASK 
J-45130Input Shaft Seal Installer setNew $ 135.95
J-45132Forward & Coast Clutch Inner Seal Protector ASK 
J-45133Direct Clutch Inner Seal Protector ASK 
J-45134Forward/Coast Cluch Inner Piston Protector ASK 
J-45135Overdrive & intermediate Clutch Piston ProtectorNew ASK 
J-45136Center Support outer Piston ProtectorNew ASK 
J-45139Clutch Piston Compressor ASK 
J-45140Center Support Inner Piston Protector ASK 
J-45159-2Part of Holding Fixture  (Bolt) ASK 
J-45159-3Part of Holding Fixture  ASK 
J-45159-4Part of Holding Fixture  ASK 
J-45160Differential Bearing Race Remover ASK 
J-45161Manual Shift Bearing Replacer $  27.95
J-45164Spring Compressor Bridge $  57.95
J-45177Dana 60/70 KitOuter Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-45184Vibe Tool KitDifferential Bearing Race Installer Kit Only 
J-45184Differential Bearing Race Installer ASK 
J-45186Forward & Direct Clutch Spring CompressorUsed $ 45.95
J-45187Differential Output Shaft Oil Seal Installer ASK 
J-45201Cooler Line Seal Remover ASK 
J-45215Seat Belt Latch Forming Tool ASK 
J-45222Axle Housing Spreader $300.00
J-45222-10Axle Housing Spreader AdaptersNew $  94.95
J-45224Axle Bearing Adjuster (Right side)Used $  33.95
J-45224Axle Bearing Adjuster (Right side)New $  45.95
J-45225Axle Seal Installer ASK 
J-45228Pinion Bearing Cup Replacer ASK 
J-45228-2part of:Pinion Bearing Cup Replacer ASK 
J-45228-4part of:Pinion Bearing Cup Replacer ASK 
J-45230Gauge BlockNew $  43.95
J-45231Side Bearing Installer ASK 
J-45232Adjuster Bearing Replacer (Left Side) ASK 
J-45233Differential Bearing Adjuster Needle Bearing Replacer - RHNew $ 39.95
J-45234Pinion Bearing RemoverNew ASK 
J-45234-1Pinion Bearing Remover ASK 
J-45235Tone Ring Installer $  39.95
J-45235-1Tone Ring Installer ASK 
J-45235-2Tone Ring Installer ASK 
J-45236Output Shaft Seal Installer - Front $  59.95
J-45236-1part of:Output Shaft Seal Installer - Front ASK 
J-45237Input GEAR Thrust Brg. Installer $  19.95
J-45238Input GEAR Thrust Brg. Installer $  22.95
J-45239Sector Shaft Needle Bearing. InstallerNew $  37.95
J-45243-1 ASK 
J-45263-1 ASK 
J-45265Rear Knuckle Bushing Installer ASK 
J-45265-1part of:Rear Knuckle Bushing Installer ASK 
J-45268-11A/C Flushing BlocksNew $  27.95
J-45268-110A/C Flushing BlocksNew $  45.95
J-45268-111TXV AdapterNew $  32.95
J-45268-113TXV Adapter ASK 
J-45268-115TXV AdapterNew $  29.95
J-45268-117TXV Adapter (A/C flush) ASK 
J-45268-121TXV Flush Adapter $   27.95
J-45268A/C System Flushing Kit $ 100.00
J-45270Wheel STUD RemoverNew $ 124.95
J-45277Input Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-45278Input Shaft Seal Remover ASK 
J-45341Axle Shaft Remover ASK 
J-45341Vibe Tool KitAxle Shaft Remover Kit Only 
J-45342Axle Deflector Installer $  29.95
J-45342-2Axle Deflector Installer ASK 
J-45358TRANSFER CASE Housing SeparatorNew $109.95
J-45358TRANSFER CASE Housing SeparatorUsed $  72.95
J-45359Axle Seal Installer $  27.95
J-45379Output Shaft Seal Installer $  29.95
J-45381Output Shaft Seal Installer $  62.95
J-45382Transfer Case Torque Check AdapterNew $  49.95
J-45382BW 4473 SetTransfer Case Torque Check Adapter Set Only 
J-45383Input Gear Support Installer ASK 
J-45398FORWARD Clutch Inner Seal Remover $  49.95
J-45398-2part of:FORWARD Clutch Inner Seal Remover ASK 
J-45399Brake Booster Vacuum GaugeNew $  42.95
J-45399Brake Booster Vacuum GaugeUsed $  34.95
J-45400Replaced by CH-48845BRANICK STRUT Spring Compressor 
J-45404Transmission Indicator Alignment ToolNew $   29.95
J-45442Cruise Sensor Align ToolNew $  350.00
J-45507Caliper Boot Seal Installer ASK 
J-45508Catera Axle KitCatera / Opel Axle Kit ASK 
J-45510Output Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-45515Brake Caliper Piston Seal Installer ASK 
J-45531CV Stub Shaft Remover $ 129.95
J-45545Puller Adapter - Transfer Case $  27.95
J-45548Bushing/Bearing Remover $  37.95
J-45549Mainshaft Support Bearing $  59.95
J-45625 ASK 
J-45646Stab Bar Collar Installer ASK 
J-45689A/C Quick Joint Tool $  39.95
J-45703Dana 60/70 KitInner Bearing Race Remover Kit Only 
J-45704Dana 60/70 KitInner Bearing Race Installer Kit Only 
J-45705Dana 60/70 KitOuter Pinion Bearing Race Remover Kit Only 
J-45706Dana 60/70 KitPinion Race Remover Kit Only 
J-45706Pinion Race Remover $  24.95
J-45709LIMITED SLIP Differential KIT Dana 80 Axle ASK 
J-45709-1LIMITED SLIP Differential KIT Dana 80 Axle ASK 
J-45709-2LIMITED SLIP Differential KIT Dana 80 Axle ASK 
J-45709-4LIMITED SLIP Differential KIT Dana 80 Axle ASK 
J-45710Dana 60/70 KitPinion Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-45711Dana 60/70 KitSide Bearing Remover Kit Only 
J-45713DANA 60 & 70 Tool kit ASK 
J-45714DANA 80 Tool kit ASK 
J-45722Fuel Sending Unit Wrench $  75.00
J-45725Cradle Bushing Replacer ASK 
J-45725-ACradle Bushing Replacer ASK 
J-45725-1Cradle Bushing Replacer ASK 
J-45725-1ACradle Bushing Replacer ASK 
J-45725-2Cradle Bushing Replacer ASK 
J-45725-2ACradle Bushing Replacer ASK 
J-45725-3Cradle Bushing Replacer ASK 
J-45725-4Cradle Bushing Replacer ASK 
J-45725-ABushing Replacer ASK 
J-45746 ASK 
J-45754-2part of:Replacer, Pinion Bearing Cups ASK 
J-45756BW 4473 SetRear Output Shaft Seal Installer Set Only 
J-45756REAR Output Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-45757Mainshaft Support Bushing/Brg. REMOVE $  26.95
J-45758Input Seal Installer $  22.95
J-45759Assembly Plate Holding FixtureNew $  99.95
J-45765Front Axle Pinion RemoverNew $ 100.00
J-45782 ASK 
J-45785Vibe Tool KitValve Spring Compressor Kit Only 
J-45798Steering GEAR Thrust Bearing Protector ASK 
J-45806COOLER FLUSHER AdapterNew $  49.95
J-458065L40 On Car ToolsCOOLER FLUSHER AdapterNew Set Only 
J-45848BW 4473 SetInput Shaft Support Bearing Installer Set Only 
J-45849BW 4473 SetInput Shaft Support Bearing Remover Set Only 
J-45849Input Shaft Support Bearing Remover ASK 
J-45849-1part of:Input Shaft Support Bearing Remover ASK 
J-45851Ball Joint Separator Protector AdapterNew $  27.95
J-45852BW 4473 SetBorg Warner 4473 Transfer Case Tool Set ASK 
J-45853Wheel Bearing/Seal Installer ASK 
J-45857VSES Wheel Bearing RemoverNew $   95.95
J-45860VSES Tone Ring Installer ASK 
J-45861ECT Sensor SocketNew $   49.95
J-45863Caliper Piston Seal Installer ASK 
J-45866Colorado on-vehicleInput Shaft Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-45867Colorado on-vehicleOutput Shaft Seal Install (4WD) Kit Only 
J-45868Colorado on-vehicleOutput Shaft Seal Install (RWD) Kit Only 
J-45870Inner Pinion Bearing Race InstallerUsed ASK 
J-45871Pinion Bearing RemoverNew $ 159.95
J-45872ACCUMULATOR Piston Compressor $   49.95
J-45873Fuel Quantity Hoses $ 399.95
J-45873-30Injector Flow Test Adapters (4) $   75.00
J-45910Injector TUBE REMOVAL ToolNew $ 209.95
J-45920RESIZER $   29.95
J-45930Other Tools necessaryRear Main Seal Installer $ 199.95
J-45930-AModified J-45930 toolRear Main Seal InstallerUsed $ 279.95
J-45934Colorado on-vehicleInput Shaft Seal Installer Kit Only 
J-459357.5 Frt. Axle Service  Fixture ASK 
J-45938Alignment SocketUsed $  27.95
J-45938Alignment SocketNew $  32.95
J-45949Pilot Bushing Bearing Installer ASK 
J-45951Seal Installer ASK 
J-45960 ASK 
J-45962Dana ShimDana Axle Shim Selector Kit ASK 
J-45999I/P COIN REMOVAL Tool $  79.95
J-46002Vibe Tool KitDrive Pinion Lock Nut Wrench Kit Only 
J-46004Vibe Tool KitDrive Pinion Holding Tool Kit Only 
J-46009Vibe Tool KitFront Axle Shaft Remover Kit Only 
J-46091Charge Air Cooler Pressure Tester kitNew ASK 
J-46091-5Charge Air Cooler Tester AdapterNew ASK 
J-46091-10Charge Air Cooler AdapterNew ASK 
J-46091-15Engine Pressure TEST AdapterNew ASK 
J-46106Flywheel HolderNew $  79.95
J-46124High Feature Engine Tool Kit See Kits 
J-46165Guide Pin Installers ASK 
J-46239Second Coast Clutch Piston Protector Set ASK 
J-46262Pinion Seal Installer ASK 
J-46265Lt. Int. Axle Stub Shaft Seal Installer ASK 
J-46268Front Output Shaft Seal Inst ASK 
J-46269Front Output Shaft Seal Inst ASK 
J-46275Dust Boot Seal Installer $  49.95
J-46277Brake Rotor Remover Adapter $  27.95
J-46330Timing Belt Tensioner Retaining PinNew $  22.95
J-46363Fuel Line Release Tool $  12.95
J-46405Seal InstallerNo Stock 
J-46406Fan Clutch Holder $129.95
J-46409Puller BOLT SETNew $  59.95
J-46588Axle Seal CRIMPER $  34.95
J-46594Injector Removal Tool $  49.95
J-46607Clutch Disc & Pump Rotor Aligner ASK 
J-46626Seal InstallerNew ASK 
J-46627Transfer Drive Gear Support Seal InstallerNew $  21.95
J-46627-AInstaller ,Pump Cover Seal $  31.95
J-46629Seal Installer $  24.95
J-46629-AAxle Seal Installer $  34.95
J-46630Lube Dam Installer ASK 
J-46664Pump Alignment ToolUsed $ 300.00
J-47158Clutch Plate SelectorNew $ 169.95
J-4727580 Pin Breakout Box AdapterUsed $ 299.95
J-4727580 Pin Breakout Box Adapter with overlayNew $ 349.95
J-47399Horizontal Dpf Handler ASK 
J-47623Rear Main Seal Installer ASK 
J-47447Nissan / InfinitiCrank Position Sensor Deburr Tool ASK 
J-47782-21234 Housing Snap Ring Inst ASK 
J-47917Subaru ToolAdapter, Fuel Cap ASK 
J-48021Seal Installer ASK 
J-48059Tube StandUsed $   24.95
J-48059Tube StandNew $   31.95
J-48464Lower Timing Gear RetainerUsed $ 125.00
J-48464Handle OnlyLower Timing Gesr Retainer ASK 
J-48870 ASK